Saturday, January 30, 2010


Happy Birthday, Austin! He took Friday off to celebrate his special day and we saw Avatar in 3D at the IMAX (review: visually stunning but stunningly unoriginal, bad plot). Then we checked out a new Mexican place near our house called Dulces. We started out with a cocktail.

Austin got a margarita (which happens to be the Spanish word for daisy, hence the garnish).

Mexican martini for me.

The ambiance was wonderful, with some exposed brick and the walls painted a warm, cozy gold. There was original art all around by Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante. I especially loved the life-sized statues and saw multiple children approach them for a little conversation. How can you not love art that strikes up a chat with kids?

I had Enchiladas Rojas de Queso, cheese enchiladas with a fantastic red sauce that must have been made in-house. It wasn't the usual bright red stuff like at most Mexican restaurants but a deep, rich sauce that I'm guessing had cocoa in it. So, so amazing and beautifully presented.

Austin selected the Rollo de Puerco, a tenderloin medallions rolled with almond raisin rum sauce. He loved the combination of flavors and originality of the dish.

Finally, I had to take this photo for Dr. MB, hand blown glass fixtures were all around that looked like sea anemones. I wanted to bring one home but instead, we got a piece of chocolate cake to go and it came with churros and a chocolate covered strawberry. It was a perfect place to go for a birthday dinner and we will definitely be returning.

PS Pics are from iPhone hence the not great quality.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. MB thoroughly approves. Muchas gracias, y feliz cumpleanos a tu "HAH." :)