Monday, April 11, 2011


Up north, my favorite season, hands down, is fall but it's always so fleeting and then comes what seems like an endless winter. Here we just don't have a particularly spectacular fall so my favorite season is spring. It also feels fleeting, though, and then comes the hot summer (or what I've called "reverse winter"). Right now is that wonderful time when everything is lush green and blooming and growing vigorously. My rose bushes have exploded into pink and white blossoms. The oleander is full of crimson buds and the grapevines are going crazy on the fence and shed.

You can see a hint of the vines in the picture. Our shed has a flag of Texas on it for some reason and Austin hates it. I find its kitchy-ness endearing and a nice reminder of this chapter of our lives. It's also in our backyard so it's not like our neighbors are going to think we put it there On Purpose, the horror!

So, given the season, we did more yard work over the weekend and are back to mowing weekly. We met some friends at a favorite dive pub Saturday afternoon as our reward for getting the yard projects out of the way.

One thing we didn't get to was painting the bedroom. We have a bit of a dilemma now. We don't have a headboard so we tend to prop our pillows up against the wall to read in bed but we don't really want to do that on a newly painted wall. We looked at some headboards but then thought about also replacing the mattress. We bought a king when we moved into the house and it has turned out to be a real lemon. So do we replace the whole bed? We're also considering going back to a queen since the king is just overkill and limits our space for nightstands (we have to put those books down somewhere). Ah, first world problems...

My parents will be here in a little over a week (yay!)and my dad always wants to do a project with Austin. There is talk of under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and I'm also advocating for replacing the hideously dated fixtures in the master bath. Once that is done, our house will be in pretty good shape.

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Erin Conroy said...

I know how lovely Fall is in Northen WI, & can only imagine how lovely Spring must be in TX. And yes, life is still pretty damn good if amongst your biggest concerns are how to best decorate the room & maximize its space. I'm sure your dad will have some ideas. It seems he's always been good about stuff like that, & I can just picture him & Austin working on a project together.