Sunday, April 17, 2011


Over the weekend I took part in an online cooking club that was organized by my friend, MarocMama, and her friend of The Spiced Life. For the very first event they chose paealla so I was particularly looking forward to it (paella trivia via twitter while cooking?! Fun!). The cooking club website offered a version of the recipe but we were all encouraged to tailor it to our tastes and/or use other recipes as we preferred. I consulted my oracles.

Ultimately, I ended up using a recipe I had on hand from the cooking class we took in Barcelona on our honeymoon and adding a bit more vegetable. I love the aroma of the stock simmering with saffron threads and slowly growing richer in color.

(Btw I do have a "real" paella pan courtesy of Madame Bergfrey but I was trying not to make too much for just us!)

The participants shared their process, questions, and pictures over a Twitter feed while MarocMama kept us going with some cool trivia (did you know paella comes from the Latin root patella- both are round flat objects). As a bonus, I even won some saffron from the sponsor, My Spice Sage! It was wonderfully fun and I can't wait to hear what is on deck for May.

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