Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parent Visit Recap

Once again we had a lot of fun and packed tons into a short span of days so I'll try to remember what we did when the 'rents Dan and Maureen were here. Austin picked them up on Wednesday while I was teaching and they headed off to a wine bar we recently discovered with great outdoor seating, nice pours, and a view of the skyline. Everyone was tucked in with a nice flight of red wine and I was offered many tastes before my "Sparkler" flight of bubbly arrived. I could tell by the server's accent that he knew French (just the way he said "cuvée") and we later found out he was from Senagal but educated in France. We had a lot of fun chatting with him.

We headed to the LundeRoy Lodge with the ladies picking up a baguette and some cheese and the menfolk heading to our favorite wine shop where they naturally did some damage. We sat on the patio and relaxed all night, soaking in some great weather.

Thursday I had to teach again so we grabbed Chinese for an early lunch and then Austin took the 'rents to a movie at our favorite cinema; they all had an early dinner while seeing Source Code (general consensus- not bad). I grabbed take out on my way home and we took advantage of more patio time.

Friday my mom and I shopped for an outfit for her to wear to a wedding and I got her hooked on The Limited. Fortunately they often have sales and educators get 15% off all the time so she was happy about that. We also got a few things for my niece's second birthday. We also had some good Mexican for lunch and she tried fish tacos for the first time. Meanwhile, Austin and my dad were hard at work on the projects I posted earlier. I am still beyond thrilled with the under cabinet lighting and love the effect it adds to our kitchen. For their reward, A & D got Rudy's barbecue and enjoyed. My mom and I made tortilla-crusted tilapia and roasted asparagus.

One of my dad's favorite restaurants in the world, Mongolian Grille, was on deck for lunch Saturday and we all enjoyed custom-made stir fry. We had a little detour on campus so I could stop at the library and then we hit up one of Austin's favorite watering holes that features lots of microbrews that he wanted my dad to try. We ended the day, of course, with more lounging on the patio and just munching on leftovers from all of our culinary adventures. I made peach ice cream but it didn't set up very well so it was part of Easter breakfast.

I brought my parents back to the airport on Sunday morning and Austin and I spent the rest of Sunday getting organized for another week. We don't really do Easter and we've both got a busy week on deck so back to the grind it was.

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Erin Conroy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Funny, I have a dress to wear to that wedding, now, too..assuming it's the same wedding we're talking about ;). Glad our dads could connect & touch base. I thought that was neat. Probably asking more for my dad than me, but did the four of you get to Round Rock? My dad just loves that place! xoxo