Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Picture-less Post

I always like to post a photo, even if it's (sort of) unrelated to the post but it's been a bit more hectic than usual here. Some quick updates:
  • We had a quiet weekend at home. Some friends had plans and invited us to hang out but we decided on down time. I read for pleasure for the first time in ages and devoured a book group book in about 24 hours. Austin enjoyed some gaming and coding.
  • Monday was my last (required, foreseeable) class ever as a grad student here. I'm thrilled to be done and it was a fantastic class. The prof and fellow students and I all ended class early and went to a local pub. Good conversation, multiple ciders on tap and cheese fries? Not a bad Monday evening.
  • We woke up today to find little white paw prints all over our house. Since Stinky has access to both the indoors and outdoors and it had rained, this is not surprising. Nonetheless, the number of them on the hardwood and tile floors was notable. A simple pleasure, it was pretty cute to see the tracks repeatedly return to the food dish. I'll wipe them up tomorrow since I thought they were so sweet today. Yeah, I'm that much of a Cat Person now!

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Erin Conroy said...

Too bad there isn't a "like" buttton on blogs. It sounds like you've had a good early part of your week. And I love cat stories; thanks for sharing. Kozmo & Triana are growing on me, too ;).