Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

We've had a successful staycation; the pool is quite possibly the best $25 we've ever spent. Every afternoon, we zip our Kindles into quart-size baggies and hit the pool to soak and read. This is the (subjectively) worst weather of the year and we stumbled upon a great solution for tolerating it.

In addition to unfettered pleasure reading, we've also been enjoying some good eats. On Friday, we planked some salmon and made caramelized leek risotto. We've done lots of grilling and I made an Italianesque pasta salad that is light and summery. The corn on the grill was outstanding; I wasn't sure if it would be as tasty as what I remember from WI. Today I'm going to make a blackberry cobbler and we're going to bring the deep-fryer out on the patio to drop in whatever we can grab and coat with panko.

1 comment:

Liz said...

I feel a Kindle fight coming up. It starts with splashing. Next thing you know, you're whacked across the side of the head with a baggie-wrapped reading device.