Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deathly Hallows Feast!

last night, we hit up our all-time favorite movie theater. The Alamo Drafthouse doesn't just serve good food and drink but they also offer some fantastic events.

The menu was whimsical and tasty.

THE ELDER WAND - Ale Battered, Smoked Salmon Wrapped Asparagus with Elderberry Garlic Jam; this was our favorite course.

FORBIDDEN FOREST PASTRY - Roast Local Hen and Wild Mushrooms fill a Potato Pastry served with Green Tomato Chutney; I had roasted potatoes instead of the poultry and this was excellent.

AMORTENTIA - Chilled Soup of English Cucumbers with Rashers and Herbs; our least favorite course. Some vinegar gave the soup a pickle-y taste.

CLOAK - Seared Strip, Stilton and Shallot cloaked in Pastry, Cumberland Sauce, Roast Cauliflower; I had mine with a red wine-marinated portabella. The pastry was yummy.

THE SORCERER'S SCONE - English Lavender Brambleberry Scone with Lime Marmalade and Clotted Cream; this course was excellent. We were given two scones, way too much, and would have preferred one with more marmalade and cream.

The courses were all paired with wine. Just excellent over all.

Prior to the movie starting, spoofs and parodies were played as we settled into our seats.

We received water glasses that we could take home.

Of course "real" butter beer was available if one wanted. It was made with hard cider and tasted like apple pie in a glass. That was just our sample; a pint size was available for purchase. It was too rich and sweet so we opted not to given the feast ahead of us. Still, I'd like to deconstruct this recipe and enjoy it on a chilly winter evening.

Ultimately, we had an outstanding time between the feast and the flick. I had forgotten lots of details from the books and wished I had brushed up before attending. The only snag was that the movie stopped near the end at a rather key moment. The crowd seemed fine, with cheers of "intermission" erupting. The chef came out to talk with us again and we were all given free passes for a future screening. After ten minutes, we were back in business. We're grateful to Austin's boss for the gift certificate we used that evening, what a wonderful gift idea!

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Erin Conroy said...

Sounds like it was a great night!