Friday, July 8, 2011

A Long Week

Even though it was a short work week, it's been busy around here. First off we have good ol' Nature to deal with. Our grass has been growing well in spite of the drought so we've been trying to keep up with the yard work. Our plants are all doing well like the lovely bougainvillea in the photo. I've got pumpkin vines that are thriving and sunflowers shooting up. We have a tomato plant that got its first flower and basil that (we finally learned) needs to live inside. Then there are critters. Since we replaced some outside light fixtures, the latest generation of birds is attempting to nest back at the old family estate, only to find there is no surface on which to build a new home. They keep randomly swooping around outside the door. We also have a baby skunk who has been happily digging up grubs all over our front and back yard. Pest control just set a few traps for us. As cute as the little thing is, I can only imagine how bad it could be if Stinky got sprayed or if there was any concern about rabies. After three days of hanging out in plain sight, the little guy seems to be in hiding.

In addition to the natural forces in our life keeping us occupied, I just finished teaching summer school. I've spent a lot of time on finals and finished yesterday so now I'm in "grading jail." I hope to submit grades by Monday if possible. Then I can focus more on the dissertation and the publishing/conferencing tasks I've got in the works. As for Austin's work, it goes without saying that most days are crazy-busy.

We're looking forward to kicking off the weekend by hitting up our favorite Thai place that sells curries at a steal. I think some cooking and Kindle time will be on the agenda for the rest of the weekend.

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Liz said...

Let's get some leaf miners on here. With their tiny helmets and pickaxes. A should be able to get the photo.