Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Birthday Part II

Another quick post (see previous entry). The other part of my birthday was, of course, good eats. It started with a surprise bottle of bubbly and some cupcakes in our hotel room, courtesy of my sister.

Then we were off to the best sushi restaurant ever that Austin had dug up by searching online reviews. For our appetizer, our server told us to try the sauteed shishito peppers. Wow, so much flavor! I want a clump if sticky rice to soak up the sauce. Every few peppers was extra spicy so it was sort of a game to see what you bit into.

My entree: a peppercorn ahi tuna steak that was seared and served with edamame ginger puree, sesame chili oil, roasted sweet potato with miso butter, wasabit candied walnuts and scallion, stir-fried baby green beans, and crispy shallots. Oh yeah, I had to get that off the menu because it was too much flavor to remember.

Austin got the shishito pepper filet, a pan-seared beef tenderloin with plum glaze, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, and wasabi potato gratin. He could barely comment on it, he was groaning so much in happiness.

In fact, it was so good that we had to go back the next day for lunch before we left town. Coconut crab soup and some sushi rolls were a must do.

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