Sunday, January 22, 2012

Delancey Pizza

Since returning from Seattle, I've had a flurry of meetings, dissertation work, and more work-related travel. It may have taken me awhile to post this but I'm still thinking about That Pizza. First a bit of back story; I have been an avid reader of the Orangette blog and read the creator's first book, A Homemade Life. When writer Molly and her husband, Brandon, followed their dream to open Delancey, I knew I had to eat there. When I found out my travel would take me to Seattle, it was on! I hopped a bus and headed north from downtown, walked a few blocks, and there it was. Delancey occupied a small-but-not-tiny space and was a warm beacon on a dark, damp Seattle night. It was already starting to fill up at 5:00ish (luckily I was running on central time). The server gave me a tiny table in the front window and it was perfect.

I had the "Brooklyn" pizza that featured fresh and aged mozzarella along with Grana.

The homemade crust was perfectly thin-crispy-crunchy-chewy which is perfect in my opinion (my school of thought: crust is the delivery system for the delicious toppings, not it's own carb-crazy entity). The sauce, oh the sauce... bright, rich, tomato bliss. I wanted to drink it as soup. No question that this sauce was made with All Things Good. And then the cheese combination... delicious, salty, and perfect. The server let me know they had pickled peppers (made in house, of course) and I added those--a fantastic call. As an entire pizza entity, it was amazing. I should have had a salad but I'm glad I had room to savor as much pizza as I wanted. All in all, it was a perfect culinary adventure and one I must repeat.


Erin Conroy said...

It sounds & looks delicious!

paula said...

Okay, I'm salivating heavily. Just call me Pavlov.