Saturday, January 7, 2012

Le déjeuner

I attended my final conference session this morning, a really interesting round table discussion about what educational policy in K-12 means for higher education. I even got to say "good morning" to a Really Famous Person (at least in my field) and got a brief response back. I wanted to gush and let her know Becoming Famous Person is on my committee but of course I didn't. After the conference, I headed to Pike Place Market again to track down some lunch. I ended up at French place and, as I did in Arizona, immediately spoke French with the server who was so delightful. I had a three course lunch menu.
First course, mais oui, French onion soup. Super hot, rich, and tasty.

For my second course, I chose mussels. Fortunately Monsieur brought me more bread so I could enjoy the always-wasted broth.

Dessert was crème brulée with coffee.

The entire experience was lovely and there is nothing like looking out at Puget Sound while enjoying a classic French lunch.

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