Thursday, May 15, 2008


Austin and I are super-planners and this is normally a good thing though we often end up in "analysis paralysis" as a small decision unravels into a "what if" five year plan. Lately we've been back and forth about housing options- to buy, to rent, to extended-stay lodge...? It might seem clear but it took us a long time to go through all the pros and cons and arrive at a conclusion. We do have the time to ponder right now and I think we both take comfort in knowing that we've done a thorough job in the process.

Last night we decided that we'll try to rent an apartment, preferably with a short term lease option. This allows us to get to know the city before committing to a purchase, establish our routine, and not be rushed on a big decision. The possibility of a second move shortly after the cross country haul isn't appealing but it outweighs the cost of a summer house-hunting trip, the pressure to make a quick decision, etc. Like I said, it probably seems obvious to the outside observer but we are happy to have a decision after careful consideration.

And because I am such a freak about getting real, paper mail, you can bet I'll be sending you the address as soon as we have it.

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