Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sick Day

On Friday, I had the faintest tickle in the back of my throat that made me wonder if I was getting sick. I kept swallowing trying to see if the tickle was just a fluke or maybe a sign of something to come. I was particularly happy that I hadn't been sick all semester; after this hard winter, my students were dropping like flies. Well, it's the last week of classes and it finally all caught up with me. Now I'm coughing, congested, and somewhat achy through my neck and shoulders.

I left work early yesterday and took a four hour nap. Today I technically don't have classes but I had meetings and lots of WORK to do since the semester is nearly over. I decided it would be best to stay home, sleep in, and rest up. The other benefit to being home is that there is sunlight streaming in the windows, something I don't get in my windowless office. No matter how sick I am, I always feel like I'm playing hooky but I'll be glad if I feel normal(ish) for the end of the semester.

I think I might try to make a recipe for Lemon Potato Soup, something I've been wanting to try and it sounds like the perfect comfort food for today.

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