Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It's been awhile- I was really busy wrapping up the end of the semester and Austin was working lots and lots of hours so dishes went undone and blog posts unwritten. We'll still be rather busy coming up but I think (hope) it will be more manageable.

The Texas update- we booked a moving truck and it seems we'll be rolling out of 'sconi right on August 1. It's going to be interesting since I give my summer school finals on July 31. Luckily Austin will be able to handle the check out process and I have some great friends who are going to help me grade all the exams.

The other almost-update is that it looks like we've secured an apartment (pending the background check!). It's just northwest of downtown in an area that sort of reminds me of the Southdale area in Edina. It's also 15 minutes from campus and on a shuttle line so that will work out well. When housing is certain, I'll be spamming everyone with our new address because I absolutely love "real" paper mail and I know at Christmastime, I'll really want cards to remind me of home.

Things are coming together!

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