Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend with some relaxing, some socializing.

Friday- we stayed in. Austin ended a nearly 60 hour work week and I finished the last day of classes so it was a busy time for me as well. We did almost nothing other than laying around and catching up on our TiVo-recorded TV shows. It was perfect.

Saturday- we had a dinner party with another couple and my brother and sister-in-law. I made shrimp monterrey and roasted asparagus and we had a gorgeous (store bought) strawberry tart for dessert. We set up a long folding table that I borrowed from my aunt and uncle so we could all sit together but I had to venture in to the scary thrift store by our house to find a tablecloth. Apparently long cloths aren't very available, that or there was a serious run on them lately. The tablecloth served its purpose but is now in the garage sale pile :-)

Sunday- more laying around due to staying up way too late and being way too silly into those wee hours. Luckily there weren't classes this week so I was able to do so without too much guilt. Austin and I watched some episodes of Entourage and another installment of Band of Brothers.

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