Thursday, July 10, 2008

1st Week Down, 3 to Go

I just finished my first week of summer school so I'm 25% done. Oh, and we're moving in exactly 22 days, but who's counting? Anyway, it's been a good teaching experience. Summer school always has a more casual feel to it and I've taught the classes before so it's not too taxing in terms of materials development. Today was particularly fun because I gave them each a sticker with a Spanish word on it and they got to take them from each other if they heard English (like the silly baby/wedding shower game). They told me it made them speak more Spanish, always music to my ears.

Tonight I'm having some girlfriends over for wine and cheese and I'm going to try to send them home with some of the STUFF we're trying to get rid of. Tomorrow I'll be going into the office to get a few more things done, then Saturday is my family reunion. Thankfully it's local and we don't have to travel for it.

The days are just flying by...

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