Thursday, July 31, 2008

One. More. Day.

I'm about to go give my summer school finals while Austin and my mother-in-law finish the last of the moving out stuff. It was a late night in spite of our best efforts to be really organized and prepared. I think we are both tired and disappointed that it took longer than we had planned for, evening knowing that it always takes longer than you think. It took waaaaay longer and poor Austin and Paula will be doing last minute cleaning and junk removal.

I'll feel better at noon when I know for sure they are checked out. Some friends will help me grade final exams and I have one last hair appointment before we leave (finally found a good stylist after four years here, just in time to move).

I'll be updating the blog as we go from my cell phone so watch for short blurbs. After last night, driving for two days sounds really relaxing. Texas, here we come!

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