Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kelly & Austin's Farewell Tour

This weekend was jam-packed with visits and they were all wonderful.

First, we stopped at my former French professor's beautiful farmstead home for brunch. Years after my college days, we are still in touch and she is still teaching, mentoring, and advising me in some way. Austin and I ogled their gorgeously remodeled kitchen, gawked at their huge garden, and enjoyed homemade rhubarb cobbler with tea/coffee. It was a lovely start to the weekend-o-visits.

Our next stop was nephew Conner's first birthday. While lots of babies played in the wrapping paper and new toys (Austin selected Lego Duplo blocks for our gift), we made ourselves at home munching on the impressive spread of food and visiting.

Later, we had a going away happy hour (Twin Cities edition) at Majors in Bloomington where I used to meet my girlfriends for happy hour back in the days of my corporate stint. It was a fusion of friends from work, grad school, family, college, etc. and even though it was many facets of my life colliding, it was a spectacular success. It seemed like everyone had fun, mingled well, and enjoyed the evening. I was glad that Austin got to meet some of my friends he hadn't ever had the chance to see and we were both touched that so many people stopped by to see us.

Today we said goodbye to Austin's parents, sister, brother-in-law and little Conner who will be so much bigger when we're back over the holidays. I can't believe it will be that long but I suspect, at least for the LundeRoy household, it will fly by...

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