Friday, July 25, 2008

TX - 7

One week to go... Today I spent a good chunk of time moving furniture around. We have pieces being picked up by various people so I'm trying to stage it in the living room but I'm still trying to keep our rooms livable. For example, clearing out my dresser meant putting my close in two plastic bins that also became nightstands. I also did some packing and packed all the pots and pans. This meant that our shrimp kung pao had to be done in the microwave which I actually thought was fine but scared Austin. It sort of feels like college/backpacking Europe/Up North Cabin living if that makes any sense.

I also met up with my Auntie M for coffee/chai tea. She lives in Eau Claire and is awesome and is the person who changed my life as a kid when she said "I think Kelly will be an author and live in Paris" (see aforementioned reference to study abroad). We had a wonderful time and it would have been nice to have had the afternoon to chat away but alas, I had to go pick up packing materials from my brother (pallet wrapping rocks!) and I had to get home to get rid of a desk to someone who could use it.

After all that, I did a little more packing, had dinner with Austin (microwaved shrimp kung pao), and got rid of some of my container gardener stuff through freecycle.

Now we're relaxing a little, doing some laundry, and trying to track the Godfreys' flight to Korea.

Whew. But that's a good "whew."

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Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you this weekend, actually ENVYING your new adventure! Blessings on your "great escape"!
Love Auntie M