Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing Ahead

I hate daylight savings time. I am a terrible sleeper as it is and springing ahead doesn't help but such is life. I managed to get up reasonably early today so hopefully that's a good sign.

Once Austin gets up, it's time for the usual Target/grocery run and, our new routine, the Home Depot run. After errands, I have some school work to do.

Yesterday was devoted mostly to house stuff. Austin installed a cat door for Stinky on our backyard shed. The training of how to use it led to trauma for all involved and Stinky hid under our bed for hours after. I finished our kitchen garden and it contains basil, mint, roma tomatoes, and cilantro. The cilantro we grew in WI hated life in that climate so we'll see if it does better down here. I have some oregano seeds to start too.

Austin also installed new blinds in the guest room. They are "faux wood" and smelled like natural gas. Um, is faux wood a petroleum product? Gross and wrong but with windows open all day, the smell dissipated and we can go on pretending they are real wood again.

Today we have a little touch up paint to finish in the guest room, then we'll put up the curtains again and take some pictures. Austin is going to touch up the blobs we got on the ceiling and maybe I can convince him to post on his TV hanging experience. He documented the whole thing with photos.

Ok, time to get to it, we might go out for chorizo breakfast tacos to fuel up for the day. Love the Texas idea of breakfast.

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The Godfreys said...

i've heard cilantro is just hard to grow for some reason! i'm sure it (like you) will prefer the Texas weather too though!