Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visit Recap: Fun Stuff We Did (and other stuff too)


  • Austin and Mike replaced our wounded, shrieking garbage disposal with a sweet, state-of-the-art garbage muncher (above). I never thought I'd be so delighted by such a thing until I became a home owner. Plus the father-son duo was really fun to watch.
  • We went to the wildflower center and snapped tons of photos and dreamed about how we could re-do our lawn.
  • We made a nice dinner of bread, green salad, and pasta with fresh veggies purchased at Whole Foods. We ate by candlelight and sipped wine.
  • We drove through the canyon area near our house, scoping out a cool vineyard and a "recreation area."
  • We went to a local pub (recommended by my dad of all people) and enjoyed some fancy sandwiches, a cheese plate (Manchego), and micro-brews and/or interesting wines.
  • We chilled on the back terrace, alternately chatting and scaring the high-strung cat.
  • We visited the Blanton Museum and some galleries on South Congress.
  • We ogled the seductive goods at Whole Foods and enjoyed lunch at the seafood counter.
  • We had amazing bbq at Rudy's, Austin's favorite joint.
  • We had delicious Tex-Mex and "New Mexican Martinis" at Chuy's.
  • We hung out, talked, and enjoyed the Hotel LundeRoy.

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