Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Update

Our weekend was a mixed bag of things working out and things not coming together.

  • Bought and returned two sets of window treatments for guest room. Found ideal curtains but they were out stock at two Targets.
  • Bought blinds for guest room on a great sale; installation pending.
  • Bought throw pillows for couch that are really cool (spiral pattern!) and were on sale.
  • Austin wired lots of stuff in our house and put in recessed ceiling speakers that are awesome. I think he needs his first professional massage after the weird crawling around he did in the attic.
  • Failed to exchange (not return) unused books due to expired receipt.
  • Failed to find affordable garage door opener key fobs.
  • Looked at garbage disposals to replace our damaged one. Installation is as much as the appliance itself, DIY?
  • Did some gardening stuff and savored every minute of late Feb/early March yard work.
  • Hung pictures in guest room in preparation for two sets of visitors this month. We're very excited to have a welcoming suite.
  • Matched paint for ceiling to clean up blobs of wall paint that have marred the ceiling.
  • Bought basil and cilantro plants for our herb garden.
  • Attempted to revive an old flower bed but think we might need a roto-tiller thingie.
  • Tried a new bbq dive that was pretty good- crunchiest shrimp batter I've ever had. Their breakfast menu looks good too, may have to try that soon.
  • Did some general lounging on our awesome couch.
  • Did some school stuff.
  • Did some cleaning.
  • Already looking forward to next weekend :-)

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