Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The weather lately has been beautifully springlike and Austin and I took a walk around the neighborhood last night to enjoy it. We also checked out other people's yards for landscaping ideas since we don't much about the flora of Texas.

I'm trying to get what class projects out of the way before the end of the semester though some of them just have to wait until the very end when it all piles up. I'm also working on a research project on language distance learning in rural areas. This has been a big change from the research I did in literature (textual analysis) and involves lots of consent forms and multiple levels of approval because of the human subjects involved. Then when you throw in minors (K-12 students) and it adds in a whole new layer. Good times!

The bottom line is that our careers and our home are keeping us busy but we can't complain, we're fortunate to have so much.

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