Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skillet Cooking

The only thing we seem to have lost in our move across the country was our set of cast iron skillets. I am not sure how such a heavy, clunky item could be misplaced but after countless searches of our house and shed (the TX equivalent of a basement), the skillets have been listed as MIA. We resisted buying a new one, after all, that's when you find the old one, but finally we caved.

Since picking up a new skillet, we've been using it all the time. Here are two instances from this weekend. I made carmelized leek risotto and managed to snap a few photos in the process. I love working with leeks- all the shades of green you see and the sweet, oniony smell that isn't overpowering.

I <heart> leeks

Starting to carmelize.

Carmelizing Leeks

And finally, getting to the creamy risotto stage.

Carmelized Leek Risotto

Then this morning, I decided to make that Austin specialty of onion, pepper, tortilla, egg,and cheese: migas. I could go on and on about the dish but you should just read this native Texan's praise of migas and try her recipe.

Sauteing the onion, peppers, and tomatoes.

Making Migas

Finished product!



Paul Kraus said...

We'll never forget the "skillet morning" we had with you both after our first date night. ;)

CorgiDad said...

Meleah has really taken to the cast-iron skillet lately (as well as her Le Creuset, of course). She just made "Spanish Tortillas" in ours last night. I don't know how you ever survived without one!