Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Snow and The Skipper

It's snowing in TX. It was 76 and sunny on Sunday and now it's Tuesday and our world is all white. The outlook was for rain and snow starting at 10:00 but it was going strong when we woke up and is still coming down. The yards, roofs, and streets are now covered so it's pretty exciting stuff for these Midwestern expats who only get a few weeks of it at Xmas.

Normally I'd be in class today but I am currently the skipper on the U.S.S. Truancy, sailing toward some big exams at the end of the week for which I absolutely have to continue studying. The snow, however, has made me a little giddy and Austin and I documented it with pics and vid (which, it goes without saying, doesn't do justice to snowflakes but anyway..).

Austin made fun of me narrating my videos but, well, if you're a C-roy, that's how it's done. My parents have stacks of VHS and those old reels containing generations of us rocking the cheesy narration. So here's my* go at it:

Austin, on the other hand, said he preferred that the quiet falling of the snow speak for itself. His efforts:

*I think my voice sounds like Pam from The Office, cool!


MikeMN said...

This is just so you the two of you don't forget what it looks like!

Maureen Conroy said...

I liked the commentary. The only thing it was missing was your Mom saying "Is this thing on" followed by lots of camera shake.


paula said...

Congratulations on your delight with snow. Novelty makes the heart grow fonder. Loved "USS Truancy".

Who will soon escape snow