Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Update

The past week was a blur; I had intense written exams on Thursday and Friday so I was studying nonstop up until then (except when distracted by snow). Austin was right with me, racking up the hours at work.

On Friday, my girlfriend (who was also taking exams) and I decided we need to have a night out on the town to celebrate. We had plans to go out for dinner and go to a jazz club. By 5pm, however, we were in pajamas ordering pizza and we were both fast asleep by 9pm. Woot! We were up bright and early and had breakfast at the Austin institution, Kerbey Lane.

Saturday was a perfect day. Austin and I were both well rested and relaxed. We went to Home Depot to ogle ceiling fans and door knobs, yep, the stuff of new homeowners' wildest dreams (oh, to replace those horrible brass door knobs with brushed nickel!). We perused the garden center, reveling in bright blue skies and sunshine, what a change a few days make. We decided to try a new place for lunch and checked out a Thai place near our house- so good. Austin had pad thai and I had curry and it was amazing, a repeat visit will be in our near future.

After lunch, we headed downtown and went to West Elm to look at an area rug we had been eying. We decided to go for it and managed to get the 10' long area rug tucked into the back of the Scion, love that hatchback!

By then it was getting later so we went to Malaga for tapas happy hour. I had been there with friends from school and was looking forward to having Austin check it out too. After our first round, I said "gracias" to the server and Austin said he walked away, stopped, and did a double take. Then he came up to me and said, "You are from e-Spain?" All that from a simple "gracias" but Austin was amused and I was glad my accent doesn't sound like "grassy-ass" after all. We reveled in tapas including some delicious grilled mahi-mahi skewers and crab gratin, among other things. Austin enjoyed a flight of Spanish wines and we talked about dragging our parents there (we have two sets coming in March, yahoo!).

After happy hour, we stopped at Whole Foods to grab some things for the grill, some amazing pink sea salt dark chocolate truffles, and of course a little bit of Spanish wine since we were in the mood. We went home, installed the new rug, watched a movie, and that was the end of our perfect Saturday.

Here is the new rug set up:

Living Room

Today is the usual errands, laundry, school work but it's so much easier after a day of relaxation.

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Matt Hoy said...

Nice. It really ties the room together.