Tuesday, July 16, 2013


As I've mentioned and is obvious from the photos, Guanajuato is a hilly city in the mountains. It's elevation is approximately 6,600 feet above sea level, compared with Chicago at 747 feet. Walking up from the main square, especially with the altitude and when laden with groceries, my laptop, bag of books, etc., isn't quite so easy. When going back up, this is a nice little place to stop for a minute. You can admire the bougainvillea and its fallen petals that carpet the street.

The street is narrow and windy (as in it curves, not that there is a gust of wind) and taxis and other vehicles come out of nowhere. Here, as in many places around the world, the pedestrian has to watch out because the cars and buses have right-of-way and they use it.

I turn off the street and onto the walkway that is bordered with lots of apartments. It is narrow and, evidence indicates, sometimes has a pack of burros wandering through it.

The pathway turns into stairs in several places.

Then I arrive at my gate where I have a few more flights of stairs to climb before getting to my apartment. It's a good workout and the views are worth it.

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Liz said...

Wow. It looks lovely. Your pix are great. I feel like I'm there. I WISH I were there.