Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meanwhile, in Mexico...

While the closing was happening, I was traveling to San Miguel de Allende with my friend and colleague, Sue. We decided to stay at a cute, quiet inn where we could get some work done, lounge, and see the sites when we wanted. Here is our room (prior to the king being made into two twins).

This is the courtyard below our room, really tranquil and peaceful.

We have breakfast at the main house, a former bordello, and sat near a gorgeous fountain today.

Even the place settings were incredibly cute. We had fruit, yogurt, and tortillas filled with eggs, bean, and cheese. There was even a real electric tea kettle, sparing me from the dreaded coffee-flavored-tea. It was just lovely. I'm having a great time but I'm ready to get the last week of teaching done and head home to my little family and our new home.

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Liz said...

Is this the Place of Bed Bugs?