Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Best Kind of Night

We had one of those days that just didn't quite start great. We ran errands but certain things were not in stock, parking was not available, refunds were not reapplied to the debit card but given in gift cards. It was nothing major but a series of little inconveniences that were less than smooth. We had planned to meet up with some friends to celebrate a Master's thesis completion and even coordinating the meeting place was tricky. Then, finally, we arrived. To Austin's delight, there were over 100 interesting brews on tap and, to my delight, there was cider and Lambic. Further, the food was amazing and the patio was lovely. Our friends met up with us and all was going swimmingly. Then we started chatting with the couple and dog at the neighboring table which turned into one of those chewy, meaty conversations that last for hours. In the rain. Yeah, then it started pouring and we huddled under the umbrellas, discussing everything from European art to Texas border politics to Longhorns football. It was one of those nights when we would have chatted into the wee hours had Mother Nature not gotten a little intense with the lightning. Austin and I left, soggy and content, to come home and dry out in front of the fire and just we just thought about how rewarding it can be to strike up conversation with strangers sometimes.

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