Friday, April 2, 2010

LundeRoy Bistro Al Fresco

For all the time and energy we put in to this project, I'm a little disappointed in the photos. We started out with a slab of concrete, a pergola, and some weird butterfly patio lights. Here's what we've got now.

Pots of Sky Pencil Holly (less expensive and more resilient than our ideal Italian Cypress). They nestle up against the pillars and fill in the barely usable space:


Our dining set (note the decorative pottery in top right corner, rosemary growing there!):

Hanging baskets of petunia:


Flowering vines hanging over the nearby fence:


And the whole picture (but it's totally different by night...):


Liz said...

It looks beautiful. Nice work! I'd love to be able to sit out there with you, reading.

corgimom said...

Those pots are fantastic with the holly growing in there. Good choice on the resiliency factor. Looks really beautiful!

paula said...

Such a lovely outdoor space now. I hope Stinky appreciates how you've decorated for him.