Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day of April

Luckily I don't have class today because I spent the day on the couch with a stomach bug, unable to even keep down a sip of water. I thought my students were missing class because it's the busy end of the semester but now I believe them when they said they had the 24 hr flu. It was really unpleasant but I'm already feeling well again; I think I'd rather have this than a cold that hangs on.

I took a walk to the mailbox and noticed that our rosebushes have exploded in flowers. This is a phone pic so it may be difficult to see how many buds are just waiting to come to the party. We tried to tear the spiny stalks out when we first moved in but the persevered and anything pretty that can make its own way is welcome. I think next season we'll have to learn how to prune them.

Another one of my favorite things is Real Mail. The paper stuff with hand writing on paper. I love to receive it and send it and I just got my Abstract Expressionist stamps yesterday. With all the weddings and babies we'll be congratulating this summer, I think the stamps will go to good use (you can't use them on something like a bill, agh).

Lying on the couch gave me some time to take in the simple pleasures of flowers and stamps I guess. No big weekend plans yet.

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Katybella said...

Those roses are so awesome! How fragrant are they? Glad you are feeling better!