Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Busy Week

It seems like I'll mostly be blogging Thurs-Sun since my Mon-Wed schedule is rather hectic. I have classes on Monday and Tuesday along with office hours and teach all day Wednesday so the beginning of the week is intense. Thursday is my "off" day in that I have no classes but I always have plenty of work to do. Friday I have class in the morning. Austin and I like sharing our home office so Thursdays are nice because we are in the same space doing our very different jobs. Today he's got the techno music going :-)

We have another wide open weekend coming up although the weather will be iffy due to the hurricane. Austin (the city) is inland but Ike is supposed to hit the gulf coast and make its way toward us bringing tropical storm weather: rain and wind. That's ok by us since we don't mind rain and hopefully Ike won't bring much damage to those directly affected.

Farther out, Austin City Limits is coming up and I think we'll also be taking another wine class on one of my favorite subjects, bubbly!

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