Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cool and Not Cool

Cool: my new T-shirt. It has bats on it because there is a bridge in Austin that is home to the largest urban population of bats. In fact, there are so many that you can see on a weather radar map when they come out at night to eat bugs. They will be migrating back to Mexico for the winter, I guess they think it's too cold here.

sept7 005

Not Cool: the air conditioning is on the fritz again. We thought last time this happened, it was due to a dirty filter but now we have a new one and the machine is encased in ice once again. The photo below is kind of hard to see but it's all iced. As I just wrote this, maintenance stopped by and said it is probably low on freon. We have to wait for it to defrost and then he's going to come back and refill it.

sept7 006

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takenob said...

Doh, I should have read all the posts before commenting. Our tech said that the leak is somewhere in the coils and it would be expensive to diagnose and the age of our ac pointless. the filling up the liquid has helped ... it's gotten us through the summer. I hope it helps your unit. Ha ha.