Saturday, September 6, 2008

B2S Shopping

It's been a busy, consumer-y Saturday with the LundeRoys. I have been back to school for about a week and a half and wanted to get the feel for logistics before doing the all-out school shopping. I learned quickly that my cute black shoulder bag is not sufficient for commuting to campus, especially since it looks like I'll be bringing my laptop a few days a week. I also have decided what notebooks, pens, etc. I want for class, still a simple pleasure to me to buy school supplies.

Today Austin and I went out in search of backpacks but he first had to do lots of methodical, web-based research while I just wanted to go out and see the things in person and get a feel for them :-) It worked out, though, and I now have a perfect backpack that combines comfort, laptop storage, holders for water bottles and tea mugs, and small pockets for keys, ID card, etc. It will also be a great carry on bag for our trips home. Score!

After the backpack success, I also found the perfect lunch bag. Not quite my awesome Smurfs lunchbox and thermos from the 80's but actually a nice, insulated, saffron-colored, purse-shaped deal from Crate and Barrel. I also got a nice planner from Barnes and Noble and we went to The Container Store, aka Austin's toy store, and found a mail organizer, something we've been in dire need of.

This is all probably quite boring to our dear readers but these are all items that we really needed and Austin in particular gets great satisfaction in finding the exact right item to fit the need :-) And I, in particular, find great satisfaction in getting some good back to school gear which will undoubtedly ensure great success in all my courses, even stats.

Now we're back home, kinda tired from a day out in the sun, and we're enjoying some 100% Texas grown and made white wine that we got on a winery visit a few weeks ago. We're going to watch a movie and catch some of the Longhorns football game before hitting the hay. Then tomorrow is the Packer/Vikings game, woo hoo! What a great weekend.

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