Thursday, September 25, 2008

Organizational/School Items, By Request

My friend, S, is a lot like me in that she also enjoys back to school and organizational items. Here are a few of my new favorite things.


Yay, Jansport, it's also the brand of my tromping-across-Europe pack.


It has an interior, back pocket for my laptop.


I also got a new tea mug since Austin's made my Earl Grey taste like coffee :-)
It was clear so we went to Archiver's and found some cool, die-cut swirly paper to spruce it up a little. I put it on the fireplace mantel with my favorite sculptures (from Pier 1) to shoot it.

Tea Mug

And finally, our new mail sorter from The Container Store. It was sold as a magazine organizer but it works for what we want (though can swallow small things) and is really nice, bright fabric that matches our living room. It is hanging on the side of our big Ikea shelf right in the entry way.

Mail Sorter

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