Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catfish Parlour

Last night, Austin and I finally got around to checking out a nearby dive, the Catfish Parlour. The ambiance was reminiscent of Famous Dave's, lots of antiquey stuff on the walls and no frills place settings. Our server was great, very professional and helpful. He brought us hush puppies to start with, kind of like the bread basket of other establishments. Austin and were slightly confused by them, they were shaped like little sausage links and were empty. By that I mean they were like batter with nothing in them but apparently that is what a hush puppy is and they did taste good.

Catfish Parlour

Austin ordered a catfish plate with two regular pieces and two spicy pieces; I opted for seafood gumbo knowing I could share the fish. Austin loved the catfish and found the spicy breading to be best, I tasted it and agreed but I was busy with the delicious gumbo. Austin also got beans and coleslaw and again, I really liked the vinaigrette dressing on the slaw. I never eat coleslaw in the Midwest, that gooey sweet white dressing is unappetizing, but every place here makes it pretty damn tasty.

Catfish Plate

Seafood Gumbo


After dinner, I was quick to order the peach cobbler to share though only after did I remember Austin doesn't like peaches so much. Oops. But he did like the ice cream and cobblery part of the dish.

Peach Cobbler

Besides the very delicious and southern meal, the server also gave us lots of information about fun things to do in the area. He saw me taking pictures of everything so I had explained that we just moved to the area. It was a great evening and we took our time savoring the experience. I am sure we'll be back again and consider it a must for any LundeRoy visitors.

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