Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maker Faire 2008

The weather yesterday couldn't have been more perfect; upper 70's, blue skies, sunshine. We got to the the Faire and first saw all the crazy cars. One was covered entirely in fake turf- outside and inside. My favorite was covered in singing fish and lobsters that would break out in song from time to time.

maker_faire 001

We moved on to the Bizarre Bazaar where I discovered lots of gorgeous clothes and jewelry. Later in the day, I returned and procured a shirt and necklace. We ogled blown glass, metal sculptures, fiber arts... We also toured the techie section where Austin saw some of his favorite vendors and got to check out more products. At random times during our shopping, a robot would swing around in the ceiling and talk and explosions could be heard. There was also a silver armadillo golf cart that cruised by.

maker_faire 073

We attended a demo of the Life Size Mousetrap- think Rube Goldberg- and saw bicycles modified to look like butterflies and long dragons. We went to see battling robots at the end and they did not disappoint.

With all this going on, you can imagine that the people watching was outstanding! Austin and I went home tired from all that we took in and a day in the sun; we had a great time.

maker_faire 057

maker_faire 055

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