Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Story for Halloween

I've posted on here a couple of times before about the possum that comes up to our landing and eats the cat food. Well, there is also a raccoon and he is a lot scarier than the possum. We have started bringing Stinky's food in overnight to discourage the local critters from eating it all. The first night I did that, Mr. Raccoon noticed a change in his routine and, I think, could smell the food inside. He began pawing and scratching at the door. It was intense and loud- I almost thought it was a person- I finally poked the broom out the door and hit it loudly against the concrete. The raccoon then sat there waiting to see if I was serious, got up on his hind legs for a minute and glared at me, then went down the stairs. He was back last night, banging on the door and then hissing through the crack when Austin tried to scare him away. I hope he learns soon that the Lunderoys don't like food thieves.

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