Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today we had an errand to run at Whole Foods Market, the one downtown which is also the corporate headquarters. We were after tickets to this awesome event that we'll be attending in two weeks. Anyway, we've been to the WFM right by our house and the ones in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The corporate one was quite the amazing experience, however, and we spent a lot of time checking it out and selecting some choice items. Here are some pictures I took before I was asked to kindly knock it off (you should be able to see more if you click on any pic).

Gorgeous Produce:

Funky Fruits

Not sure what these limes are:

Cool Limes

Austin right at home on Beer Alley:

Austin visiting Beer Alley

My view while not strolling down Beer Alley:

Spanish Wine Selection

Mosaic on Candy Island:

Gorgeous Mosaic

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