Thursday, October 2, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

Not too much is going on here. Monday through Wednesday is always a blur for me with my class schedule. On Tuesday night, we had the added fun of a car alarm that wouldn't quit. We had seen the car in question before with a tow notice on it because it hadn't moved in weeks. Then someone moved it to a new parking lot and left it again so there was no one in the area to address the car alarm.

Finally, I called the non-emergency police line (which connected me to 911, eek!) and they sent an officer over. Unfortunately, it seemed the vehicle couldn't be towed without the apartment complex manager's consent and guess who was unavailable. At some point late that night, it miraculously stopped (dead battery?!) and the car was still there in the morning. In fact, it had a banana peel thrown right in the middle of the windshield, I can only assume it was the act of a disgruntled neighbor.

Anyway, Austin and I were slow-moving yesterday with all the excitement and sleep deprivation but we're feeling much better today. He's been particularly busy with work this week and I have lots of reading to catch up on today. We also have a few errands to run to get our home office in better working shape.

As of yet, we don't have any weekend plans though I have a paper due on Tuesday that will require some attention. I think we'll just enjoy an autumn weekend in Austin- that is, 80 degree weather, sun, and no humidity. I do miss fall "up north" but the trade offs will come this winter :-)

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