Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday is Breathing Room Day

As I've mentioned before, Monday through Wednesday is my really busy, class-heavy, fully scheduled days and Thursday is the first day in the week I even have time to blog. Thursdays are still quite busy with studying, catching up, administrative tasks, etc. but I have a lot more flexibility. Anyway, just making the point that most blogging will occur Thursday-Sunday if you haven't noticed.

So it's been another busy work week for us but we're looking forward to the Maker Faire this weekend, expect lots of good pictures from that!

We're also closer to being cat owners since our neighbor will be moving at the end of the month and is letting us keep Stinky The food dishes have moved over to our door. Stinky is an outside kitteh which works for us but he's so cute, we've been letting him come in in the evenings. He just curls up under one of our chairs and lays there, enjoying the carpet since he spends most of the day lying on the sidewalk. Who ever thought the LundeRoys would have a cat?

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