Sunday, October 12, 2008


It's been another nice weekend here. On Friday, we had pizza and Austin watched a movie while I read or played on the laptop. The work week had been a little more stressful than usual so it was a great night to veg.

Yesterday, we watched the UT-OU football game, a huge rivalry, and saw the Longhorns win it after much excitement and back-and-forth. Then we went out for some art supplies for various projects and got some really good ice cream. After that, Austin tinkered around on art projects and I did some reading and caught up with a few friends. We went out to dinner last night too and sat on the patio, enjoying the nice breeze and mild weather, something we never did in October up north!

Today Austin looks like a snake that swallowed a sheep :-) He is full of bbq and some beer and is watching football; he is very content and relaxed. We've got a Target run coming up, a few other errands, and then I'll be hitting the books.

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