Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold Front

Yesterday the high was in the mid-70's and it was a gorgeous day. The forecast indicated it would get windy and a cold front would move in. They were not kidding! I thought our apt building was going to blow over last night. I had to put in ear plugs to sleep because the windows kept rattling and other parts of the building were creaking and groaning. I woke up to 47 degree weather, just a few degrees warmer than the reported 40 degrees in Wisconsin. I was also interested to see that both a frost warning and fire weather warning were issued for our area, kind of reminds me of that "heat/defrost in the morning, a/c on the way home" way of life in MN/WI.

The high today should get up to about 60. This will be good weather for staying in and drinking lots of tea and studying. Austin will enjoy gaming today. We do love the Great Indoors.

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