Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Emergency!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to get the delicious smoked and seasoned turkey from a bbq place right across the street from our apartment. We stopped in and the line was incredibly long; we decided people didn't want to cook on Thanksgiving Eve and wanted to have bbq before the turkey dinner. We came back a little later, foolishly thinking it would all be just fine. The line was still long and a bright yellow "sold out" sign was covering the turkey listing, nooooo!

It was then 20 minutes until closing and we called other locations to see if they had more. We jumped back in the car and took off, fighting the clock as the drive was going to be about 20 minutes. Then there was a detour! Then a toll road! We had no cash at all so Austin dug coins out of the cupholder with just enough to throw into the hopper at the unmanned "exact coins only" station.

We finally arrived and pulled into the parking lot; it was busy but the restaurant was still open. We ran in and found another long line but the turkey was still up on the menu. We made it through the line and finally procurred our sweet, sweet two pounds of turkey. Thanksgiving is safe and we have the finest turkey in all of Texas. We are now slumped in front of the tv/laptop and relaxing with Mr. Stinky who only raised an eyebrown when we explained what had happened then quickly resumed sleeping. All's well that ends well.

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