Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Minus Four Days

I can't believe how fast the days are flying by and it gives me that feeling of wanting the semester to be over but wondering how all the projects, papers, grading, etc. will manage to get done. We were originally set to close this Friday but the date was changed to Monday. It worked out with my class schedule so I agreed to the change, not realizing that I have a final presentation in my Monday night class as well as another presentation in my Tuesday morning class. Oops. But... then I'll be off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving!

Speaking of T-day, Austin and I had hosted my family for the past couple of years and really got into cooking for a group. This year will be our first Thanksgiving as just the two of us. We really wish we could pull it off in the new house but we won't be moved in by then or have a refrigerator which would be key for the event. Anyway, it'll be a good way to say farewell to our little apartment where we first settled in as Texans.

After Thanksgiving, I have one more week of class then finals. I have a few papers to write and for the teaching aspect, will be collecting final projects, papers, giving an essay test, and conducting individual oral exams. It will be time consuming but not impossible. Then I'll have a few days before we head north for two weeks of winter :-)

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