Saturday, November 22, 2008

Walking Through

houses_oct16 072

We did the final walk through today! We close on Monday! No surprises and we played around with fabric swatches and paint chips; the sectional couch will be "walnut" and the walls are currently looking like they'll become "Hazel Woods" whatever that means.

Austin and I also did a little more exploring in the area. We have a Walgreens and Wells Fargo very close by as well as a cute little market with a nice deli. There is a great Mexican joint where we will take any and all visitors to experience the classic Austin tex-mex breakfast of "migas" (eggs scrambled with tortillas, onion, beans, salsa, delish!). There was a cute coffee shop, we also discovered the local and amazing Thundercloud Subs, and we found our neighborhood Radio Shack [more important for one of us, can you guess who? :-) ]. That, and there is a a close by grocery store and a Super Target along with Home Depot. Ah, suburban bliss!

As I'm typing, Austin just randomly said, "I'm really excited about people coming to stay with us!" We both are looking forward to guests and hope that (if we know you and you're not an internet troll reading this blog) you will consider a trip to Austin and a stay at Hotel LundeRoy.

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