Sunday, November 9, 2008


We had another great autumn weekend and are really enjoying our new life in Austin, TX. We had more house stuff to take care of and should be pretty much done until closing so we spent a little time at Home Depot just window shopping. We need to acquire a washer, dryer, and refrigerator before we can official move in to the new LundeRoy abode so we took a look at those items. We also went to the paint department and tried to get some direction; there are many options but the good news is that we are very much in line on color schemes.

I had a friend over last night and we made Spanish food- a tortilla (egg, onion, potato omelette) and some garlic shrimp and also enjoyed manchego cheese and rioja wine. Later, Ashley and I ate some ice cream while watching Sex and the City.

Today Austin and I watched the Packer game, ran some errands, and now are getting ready for another week. We're a little distracted by our grandiose home decorating ideas but we think that's a good sign that we got the right house for us.

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