Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Sweet Pad

We have the house and I finished my school projects (until finals week) so last night we were able to toast to our new abode and get a few steps closer to a move date. We went to the house to measure for our sectional couch and brought our first load of STUFF along with us (every time we go, we're filling up the car). Then, using an elaborate system of string and tape, we marked out exactly what pieces would fit and where they would go; this is because Austin is analytical and I have no spatial skills so I had to physically see the dimensions. We called it String Theory and it worked out well.

After working this all out, Austin wanted to visit the couch at Crate and Barrel but we ended up ordering because prices are going up soon and one piece won't come in until sometime in 2009! Our sectional won't be an L shape to start with but just a nice long couch, not a big deal at all. This will be delivered on December 12.

Now we have to score a fridge in order to make the house workable and, sadly, may have to pull the trigger on Black Friday. We are both opposed to shopping on this day but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. The fridge is top priority but the washer and dryer might also be obtained soon if we decide to venture out in the wee hours of Friday.

It's coming together and we're going to pick up paint tonight so we can spend part of tomorrow painting some sample patches to finalize a color. So far every chip we've picked up that looked sage turned into a frightening sea foam green when actually in the house. We're looking forward to the long weekend so we can relax a little and start personalizing our house.

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The Godfreys said...

sounds so fun! I miss our house!