Thursday, August 14, 2008

Buses = Conquered

I have this weird, childlike fear of city buses. I often worry that I will get on the wrong one and end up lost forever. I got over that quickly in Minneapolis and used the bus to get to campus all the time and it was no problem. Well, then I moved to Austin and the fear came back again. So I can ride buses in Mpls, and take anything from a metro to a ferry to a funicular in Europe in a whole other language but yet again I find myself scared of the bus in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Well. I'm over it all ready, check that off the list! I had a meeting on campus today so I went to a nearby park and ride. I got there really early and was the only one waiting for awhile, then other student-looking types showed up. When the bus arrived, I watched them pull out their ID cards and saw how they slid them through the card reader and that was that. I did the same thing and it worked! And I got to campus! And it was free! I even managed to repeat the process on the way back so that's that. As a special bonus, the bus has free wi fi, so maybe there will be some bus-blogging someday.

Another logistical item is checked off the list and the meeting, the truly important part of the day, was successful and yielded some good teaching materials. After I got back, Austin and I had some of the homemade vanilla bean ice cream that I made yesterday and it was divine.

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Matt Hoy said...

Fear of public transportation is often a symptom of Tourette's syndrome. Science says so: