Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Settled

We weren't able to do the Austin Ducks Tour yesterday for a variety of reasons but we did have a great evening at a wine class at Cork & Co. (sorry I'm too lazy to hyperlink right now). The topic was Latin wines and we tried three from Latin America and three from Spain- so much fun. The instructor, Miss Jane, is simply amazing and a blast to be around (Austin and I went to a class back in March and it was a must-do with my parents). We also had two fun women at our table who gave us some insider scoop on Austin. Austin the Husband and I will be back to see Miss Jane; I particularly want to go to her sparkling wine class. It was a smashing success and my parents had a ball.

Today I picked up my parents and we went to lunch at Chez Zee, a bistro recommended by good ol' Miss Jane. It's not far from our apartment and is beautiful- it has a leafy terrace area and a funky interior not to mention great food. My mom and I both had Aztec Corn Shrimp Bisque and Shallot Roasted Pepper Provolone Quiche- delish! My dad also enjoyed his clubhouse sandwich. Poor Austin was working but I hope to bring him there soon to try both dinner and brunch sometime.

Inspired by Miss Jane, my parents and I checked out the Grapevine Market which had an enormous assortment of wines from all over the world along with counters/deli areas featuring cheeses, cavari, pasta, gourmet foods, etc. It was marvelous and I also hope to go with Austin for lunch.

Right next to Grapevine was a place we stumbled on by chance, Water 2 Wine, which lets you make your own wine! Apparently they sell you "grape juice" and let you do as much as possible down to corking and making your own labels. Somehow this avoids taxes and makes some really cool gifts. The wines that we tasted were great and the owner was a lot of fun to talk to.

After the oenophillic adventures, I brought my parents to the airport. I am already looking forward to them coming back so they don't have to lift, move, clean, and haul with us! Austin and I will know the city better too. They were an amazing help and are now off to a well-deserved vacation in Sonoma.

Now Austin is finishing up work and we have plenty of errands to run. Just wanted to update on what we've been doing. there is still more unpacking and organizing to go but things are taking shape and, early though it is, we really think we'll like making our home here.

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